EnLighten Education Fund – NGO Development Programme & Leaders of Light Programme


Invest and develop our community education NGOs! Open project for more information – Zakah accepted!

How will the funds be used?

  • Monthly salary stipends to madrassah teachers
  • Bursaries for further Islamic studies for madrassah teachers
  • Stationery & equipment & feeding at madrassahs
  • Support funding to ulama in need

Current project results

  • 12 institutes
  • 31 teachers
  • 700 students

Help us sustain and grow this project!

What is our distribution policy?

  • 100% zakaah distribution policy
  • Section 18A tax certificates issued
  • Zakaah, sadaqah and interest disposal accepted

EFT to

Account Name: InLight Foundation
Bank: First National Bank
Account: Current/cheque Account
Acc Num: 628 6666 0048
Branch: 250655
Reference: Name + FH + Zakah/Sadaqah/IntDisp
Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

Contribute Monthly

Download a debit order form here: InLight Debit Order Form
Please send a clear copy of the completed form to admin@inlight.org.za with “NDP Debit order in the subject line”

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