Feeding Hearts – InLight NGO Development

Feeding Hearts provides much needed daily meals for our education NGO’s. Sadaqah and interest disposal accepted for this project. Zakaah will directed to our EnLighten Education Fund.


How will the funds be used?

InLight aims to provide daily meals to 550 madrassah learners in the greater Kayelitsha area through our current network of six madrassahs. Daily meals provide much needed sustenance to improve learning and has proved to greatly increase attendance at the madrassahs.


What are our project costs?

The overall monthly cost is R30,000 to provide 5 meals for 550 learners.

To feed one madrassah for a month costs R5000

To feed on madrassah for a week costs R1250

To feed one madrassah per day costs R250


What is our distribution policy?

We encourage families to contribute monthly to help us sustain this critical project. Our annual funding target to sustain this project is R360,000.

  • Sadaqah and interest disposal accepted
  • Non-zakaah project – any zakaah received will be directed to our EnLighten Education Fund
  • Section 18A tax certificates issued


EFT to

Account Name:  InLight Foundation

Bank:   First National Bank

Account: Current/cheque Account
Acc Num: 628 6666 0048
Branch:   250655
Reference:   Name + FH + Zakah/Sadaqah/IntDisp

Swift code: FIRNZAJJ


Contribute Monthly

Download a debit order form here: InLight Debit Order Form
Please send a clear copy of the completed form to admin@inlight.org.za with “Feeding Hearts Debit Order” in the subject line


Project Videos: