This Campaign has ended. No more donations can be made.

InLight Community Relief Fund


Directly assist a family in need during this time of crisis! Open project for more information – zakah accepted!

How will the funds be used?

1. Families in need identified by community Imams/Ulama

2. InLight completes a formal application process with recipients

3. Minimum of R500 paid to each family per month

4. Funds paid directly to recipient families

Zakah, sadaqah and interest disposal accepted!

What is our distribution policy?

  • 100% zakaah distribution policy
  • Section 18A tax certificates issued
  • Zakaah, sadaqah and interest disposal accepted

EFT to

Name:  InLight Foundation

Bank:   First National Bank

Account: Current/cheque Account
Acc Num:  62702243461
Branch:   250655
Reference:   Name + ICRF + Zakah/Sadaqah/IntDisp

Swift code: FIRNZAJJ (For international transactions)