Leaders of Light Scholarship Programme

The InLight foundation afforded two current Madrassah teachers the opportunity to complete full-time Islamic studies for this year. The scholarship covers fees, transport costs and a monthly stipend for the students. The Project was aimed at nurturing the students of these teachers by improving their Islamic education and enhancing their teaching ability.

The leaders of light scholarship provided two current madrassah teachers the opportunity to pursue full-time Islamic Studies. The scholarship covers course fees, travel costs and a teaching stipend. The average salary for a madrassah teacher in a sub-economic area ranges from R750 to R1,500 per month and this is often their only source of income. The project was aimed at the development of a teacher who would in turn nurture the faith of hundreds of children!

Your scholarship contributions go towards:

  • Transport cost
  • Full time Islamic studies for 1 year
  • Monthly stippend

Shehaam Ntombikayise Shindawo • Volunteer Teacher Age: 38 • Family: Married, 4 Children

As a revert to Islam, she’s driven to make Islam more accessible to the children in her area. She begun voluntarily serving her community by teaching from her home and at the Fajrul Islam Centre in Khayelitsha. She is currently enrolled at Zahraa Institute with the aim of completing the first year Quran and Arabic course.

Mariam Jacobs • Teacher at Ansaaru Rahman Muslim Youth Academy Age: 21 • Family: Unmarried, 6 siblings

She lives in Montague Village, Lavender Hill with her mother and 4 of her siblings. Her father passed away in 2016 which put financial strain on the family. She was in the process of pursuing Islamic studies but needed to start teaching to assist her family financially as she and her mother are the only income providers. She is currently enrolled at Darun Naim in Wynberg and is completing her second year.