Invest in InLight (Once-off donation)

Invest in the InLight Foundation! Your investment supports our organisational development operations including training and development projects, creating sustainable solutions and effecting real change in the community.

The EnLighten Fund provides:

  1. Bursary funding for current madrassah teachers to further their learning
  2. Monthly salary stipends to qualifying zakah-eligible madrassah teachers
  3. Skills development funding to increase teaching and management capacity

Invest in the Enlighten Education Fund and share in the reward of every student that learns!

Use the donation button below OR make a direct EFT to:

Account Name:  InLight Foundation

Bank:   First National Bank

Account: Current/cheque Account
Acc Num: 628 6666 0048
Branch:   250655

Reference:   Name & Zakah/Sadaqah/IntDisp*

Swift code: FIRNZAJJ (For international transactions)

*Please indicate whether Zakaah, Sadaqah, Interest, Other

Please send proof of payment & contact details to to receive a section 18A certificate.