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Your investment supports our organisational development operations including training and development projects, creating sustainable solutions and effecting real change in the community. Make a direct EFT with the details below. Section 18A certifcates issued – please send us proof of payment to receive your certificate.
InLight Foundation (Operations Account)
Bank: FNB Current Account
Account Number: 627 3608 0988
Branch: 250655
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Invest in the ENLIGHTEN Education Fund (Zakaah Accepted)

Developing and Supporting Education Institutes

The EnLighten Funds accepts zakaah, sadaqah, waqf and business investment to fund high performing institutes that have sound governance structures, a staff development programme, a holistic education offering, sound Financial management and financial need
The fund will contribute towards the running costs of the education institute, staff development & training, Infrastructure development, service expansion projects and student financial support,
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InLight Foundation (ENLIGHTEN FUND)
Bank: FNB Current Account
Account Number:62702243461
Branch: 250655
Reference: Initial + Surname + EF+ “Zakaah” – if applicable
Please send proof of payment & contact details to to receive a section 18A certificate.