The InLight story

Who is InLight?

The Inlight Foundation arose out of the realisation that many well-intentioned community organisations are struggling to improve their operations due to a number of constraining factors ranging from financial sustainability, poor governance and a lack of professional development.

InLight aims to step in and assist in closing these critical gaps. InLight aims to turn the many great ideas into reality!

The InLight Foundation is a non-profit organisation (NPC 2017/394584/08) based in Cape Town, South Africa, with the primary aim of supporting and developing existing community organisations to improve service delivery to their respective communities.

Our services

Key services at InLight are:

  • Organisational Development Services
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Media Services
  • Project crowdfunding

The launch of InLight

In October 2017, the InLight Foundation was officially registered as an NPC and launched their first two projects:

  • Madrasatul Hasan in Kewtown – a wendy house was built for the learners who were being taught outside. This funds for this project were collected within a week thanks to generous donations from the community
  • Leaders of Light Scholarship Programme – this scholarhip programme afforded two madrassah teachers the opportunity to complete full time Islamic studies by covering their fees, transport costs as well as a monthly stipend.


In January 2018, the InLight offices were opened and the Ansaaru Rahman Quran Intensive Programme was launched. This programme focuses on developing a love for Quran in the hearts of 150 students at Ansaaru Rahman Educational Center in Seawinds


Our vision is to create effective programmes that can be scaled to a number of organisations to address critical developmental areas.