Khalil Hendricks

Executive Director

InLight is run under the leadership of Khalil Hendricks. Khalil is a management consultant by profession with over a decade of public and private sector experience. He is also the director at Mizan Institute. Khalil completed a Bachelor of Business Science Degree at UCT as well as a six year ‘Alimiyyah course at Darul Ulum Al-Arabiyyah al-Islamiyyah (DUAI) which is based in Strand and is run by Moulana Taha Karaan.


Work experience

Director InLight Foundation (2018 – present): InLight Foundation is a training and development NGO with a focus on providing development programmes, capacity building, and project funding to community organisations.

Director of Mizan Institute (2011 – present): Established Mizan Institute – an organisation aimed at providing Quranic, Arabic and Personal Development programmes to adult market

Consulting Manager at Africa International Advisors (2003 – present): Africa International Advisors is a managing consulting firm with a strong record of service excellence within the public and private sector.

Senior training facilitator at Resonance Institute of learning (2018 – present): Resonance is an accredited service delivery training company with a strong focus on management and organisational development training.